QuickShoot – A must have Jailbreak Cydia App for Every Photographer

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Nowadays, life without Smartphone can’t be imagined. By Smartphone you can not only contact or surf internet, also you can use it as your source of entertainment (music, videos etc.)or as a very handy camera with creating high quality pictures. In this post, I am going to share with you an amazing cydia app which lets the camera feature of your iOS device quicker by its amazing features. The name of this cydia app is QuickShoot. Simply search for QuickShoot in Cydia and install it.

Can anyone enjoy QuickShootPro without Jailbreaking his iOS device? No. Jailbreaking is must for installing this app on your iOS device.

Price of QuickShootPro: You can find it on the BigBoss repo for a price of $0.99.

How to use Quickshoot Pro app:

Specialty of QuickShootPro app: This app allows you anywhere, anytime to take pictures and videos quickly by tapping its icon on the phone’s screen without waiting for launching camera app and loading camera UI. One important thing of Quickshoot pro is that it captures blindly ie hidden capture. It won’t show you any preview of the scene before capturing and it won’t change any functionality or settings of your normal camera.

How to take pictures: By tapping the app icon twice on your phone’s screen. You can see a little animation denoting the snapshot was taken.

How to record videos: By tapping the app icon thrice on your phone’s screen to start recording video and again tapping thrice to stop recording video. While recording the video you can see a red LED like below indicating that video capturing is going on.


Configure Camera Settings

You can also configure the camera settings in this tweak to get more customized snaps. Let’s see the Settings of app which displays you different options to configure. Below is the settings window and I will explain use of every option available.

Camera Device – To activate the lens between front and rear cameras.

Video Quality – To enable you to choose the quality of the video you are recording.

Flash Mode – To enable you to change the flash mode by the controls like Enable, Disable or Automatic.

HDR – To enable HDR images.

Anti-Blur – Here you can take only non-blurred images i.e it waits for standard image before capturing.

Image Capture Shortcuts – You can capture images by performing some activator gestures rather than double tapping. Here you can set the gestures for capturing images.

Video Capture Shortcuts – You can record videos by performing some activator gestures rather than triple tapping. Here you can set the gestures for capturing videos.

Wrapping Up; This setting allows you to select additional icons for invoking camera with double tap or triple tap.

QuickShoot Cydia app Features:

QuickShoot allows users to take a photo just by tapping on the application icon in the menu options.

  • The application doesn’t actually alter the existing functions of your camera; you can slide away and still be able to use the camera in its normal functionality.
  • It is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
  • The application doesn’t demand any configurable settings, all you have to do is install the app and you are good to go.
  • The application requires iOS 6 in order to be installed and also your device should be Jailbroken.

So, if you like to capture priceless moments that last for a couple of seconds then QuickShoot Pro is the app for you. You might have missed some ideal snapshots as you waited for camera app to launch in your phone. If you face such a problem just checkout this amazing tweak Quickshoot Pro. This can make your camera much better to take quick snapshots. If you usually take pictures with your iPhone like me, then just go for it.

I hope this post will help to use Quickshoot Pro. If you still have any question regarding using Quickshoot Pro, feel free to ask me via comments.

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