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Apple has restrictions for installing third party apps and everyone can’t afford paid iOS apps. Cydia is the trick that enables us to enjoy third party free apps. Though there are iFunbox and Appcake which became popular after the departure of Installous, they are not as user friendly as Installous was. Not only that, they can’t provide you those kind of features what installous used to do. Now, I am going to discuss about an app i.e vShare which turns to be the best app for jailbroken device and installous alternative. In this guide, I shall share how you can download and use vShare on your iOS device.

Supportive device: Any device (iPhone and iPad) running iOS 5.0.1. Recently, support has been upgraded to iOS 10, 11.0.1, 11.0.2, 11.0.3 version also.

Can anyone enjoy vShare without Jailbreaking his iOS device? Yes. In this case you need a PC, a data Cable (for connecting the device to PC) as extra requisites.

Install vShare without jailbreaking

In this post I am going to discuss about installing vShare by jailbreaking your iOS device.

How to install vShare by Jailbreaking:

vShare download without jailbreak does not require the arrangement of any pre-requisites except a working internet connection on the Apple Device to install. vShare is available on Cydia and could be downloaded by adding official repo for share. Just follow the guide below:

  • Launch Cydia on your Apple Device.
  • Manage > Sources > Edit > Add
  • Enter following URL :
  • Once repo is added, go to ‘Search’ and search for Appsync.
  • Download the latest version of Appsync which works with iOS 8.1
  • Once AppSync is installed, go back and search for vShare to install it.
  • Search for vShare and install it. Make sure the source of both vShare and Appsync is Appvv which is official cydia repo.

This will install Vshare. Now, let’s look at its feature list :

Features of vShare:

With amazing user interface vShare is the installous alternate app that you have been waiting for. The best part of it that you can update all cracked apps which you have downloaded and installed using Installous.

Here are full feature list:

  • Direct download of cracked apps
  • Install apps by searching
  • Share downloaded ipas over Wi-fi
  • Personalize User Interface.
  • Various option to find new apps
  • Install paid iOS apps for free

How to use vShare:

Following are the list of some sections which are at the left menu pane of vShare app.

The ‘Categories’ section is to further break into three sub-sections that are mentioned as below:

Featured: These listed apps are considered to be of quality apps by the vShare team.

Hot: These listed apps are those which are downloaded mostly by the iOS users.

Latest: This list includes all the recently uploaded apps on the vShare repository.

The ‘Download’ section displays the apps which are being downloaded or updated. The user can see the percentage of progress, pause or resume download and much more in this section.

The ‘Management’ section enables the user to update or uninstall installed apps.

The ‘Settings’ section helps the user to configure options such as automatic installation, installation after notification, 3G download setting etc.

I repeat, vShare is the best free alternate solution to installous. It can do much more than what I discussed above. Once you have installed it, open it and it will welcome you with a screen as shown above. You can click on any iOS app and install it.

I hope this post will help you to find a solution for installous departure what you’ve been waiting for. This app will satisfy all of your needs that every user expects from a proper installous alternative. If you still have any question regarding using vShare, feel free to ask me via comments.


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