10 Best Free Cydia Tweaks for 2017

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It is quite difficult to find out good tweaks or packages on Cydia as Cydia doesn’t offer any kind of ‘Categories’ tab in App store. Below are 10 best free cydia tweaks for 2017 that are necessary and handy for your iDevice.

1. Activator

Activator is an essential tweak that iOS users may install on their device after jailbreaking. This tweak provides a lot of shortcuts which allow users to take actions quickly. For example, you can assign double tap on status bar gesture for opening App Switcher or you can jump to next song by using volume up button.

2. Browser Changer

It enables you to change the default browser of your iOS device. Safari is the default browser of any iDevice. You can change it from Safari to any third party web browser that you installed.

3. Bytafont 3

If you like to change the system font in iOS 9 i.e San Francisco, you can do it with the help of Bytafont 3. Keep in mind that this tweak does not come with any font. After installing Bytafont, you need to open Cydia, find and download fonts that you like. Then use Bytafont to apply any downloaded font. The tweak will do the rest.

4. Cercube 3

Cercube 3 lets you download videos directly from the Youtube app and save them to the Camera Roll. It also allows you to export audio to Music app, play in the background, download videos in 1080p (if available) and much more.

5. Failsafe

This helpful tweak will automatically enable Wi-Fi, Location Service and Cellular data if the entered passcode is incorrect. So, if your device is stolen and someone tries to unlock it, you will be able to track your device easily through Find My iPhone service.

Source: http://evanpetousis.me/repo/

6. iFile

iFile provides you with a fully feature file manager for the iPhone/iPad, which is not allowed by default in iOS. This amazing tweak lets you do a lot of things that was normally impossible such as managing root folder, installing .deb packages, transferring files through Bluetooth etc.

7. iCleaner

iCleaner lets you remove temporary caches, cookies and directories on the device’s file structure and cleanup any data or files that are stored by the system but are no longer needed. You can attach iCleaner with the apps that you want to clean regularly or set a schedule for the cleanup process automatically. You can also launch it by quickly using an Activator gesture.

Source: https://ib-soft.net/cydia

8. SwitchService

Switch Service lets you choose whether a message is delivered as an iMessage or SMS. So, you can switch between them easily by tapping and holding on the send button.

Source: repo.ioscreatix.com

9. TranslateMe

TranslateMe allows you to translate a text from anywhere without installing other dictionary apps. After installing TranslateMe, select any text that you like to translate and then tap on new “Translate” button that has just been created by this tweak. This is the most convenient way to read a text in a foreign language on iDevices.

10. Virtual Home

Virtual Home is one of the first Touch ID based jailbreak tweaks available and it’s awesome. You’ll need an iPhone 5s in order to take advantage of the features offered by Virtual Home. That’s because it works exclusively with the Touch ID sensor, a feature that can only be found in the iPhone 5s thus far. It offers four Touch ID gestures that you can use instead of pressing the Home button: Single tap, Double tap, Short press, and Single tap + hold. You can then assign these gestures to perform specific actions such as Wake up your device, Back to the Home screen, Launch App Switcher and much more. The great thing about this tweak is that it will save you some definite wear and tear on your iPhone’s Home button and it doesn’t require you to use your registered fingers when performing the Home screen and app switcher gestures. Any finger will do that. Touch ID simply needs to detect the presence of a finger so that it can perform the action requested.

If you want to try Virtual Home, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo right now; it’s a free download.


I hope this post will help you to install necessary free tweaks for your iOS device. If you still have any question regarding these tweaks, feel free to ask me via comments.

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